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For the Birds

Listen online to our radio program as heard on WJFF. Each short segment is focused around a specific topic (related to birds, of course!) and packed with interesting tidbits. More »


Saw-whet Owl Banding, Oct. 14


Join us at the Monroe Educational Center in Stroudsburg on Friday, October 14th at 8pm to see this tiny owl! We’ll join Darryl and Jackie Speicher of Pocono Avian Research Center as they capture, measure, and examine saw-whet owls. We have caught saw-whets every year except for one, so your chances of seeing one are excellent.

We have been joining Darryl and Jackie to observe this owl banding for several years and we had our best year in 2009 when they captured 9 Saw-Whets that night. Nine adults and children had the opportunity to hold and release these little owls. Though there is no guarantee that we will catch these owls on any night, we have caught at least one every year that Audubon has brought people to the banding.

They capture them in mist nets which are fine nets that are stretched across an area. They place a recorder on one side of the nets that broadcasts saw-whet owl calls. Hopefully the little owls will be attracted by the calls they hear broadcast and fly into the net where Darryl will carefully remove them, put them in a cloth bag to calm them down and bring them to where some of us are waiting. When he goes to the nets you will have the choice of staying where they examine owls or join Darryl at the nets.

We schedule this on a Friday night so children can attend, as they don’t have school the next day. We hope you will bring your children as we believe this kind of event will expand their interest in nature. Our children are the future stewards of this planet so we hope we can get them interested in nature and the environment.

This is an exciting event for both children and adults, so come join us and enjoy the night.

For further information and reservations please call Bob at 570-676-9969 or email him at

Workshop: Establishing Golden-winged Warbler Habitat


Learn about using timber harvesting to create young forest habitat for wildlife.

In partnership with the Northeast PA Audubon Society, the Northern Tier Hardwood Association (NTHA) is offering this follow-up workshop for forest landowners, loggers, and foresters interested in establishing young forest habitat for the Golden-winged Warbler. Attendees will learn how to use sound silvicultural practices and research-based Golden-winged Warbler Best Management Practices to create nesting habitat for this imperiled species.

The same habitat that benefits Golden-winged Warblers also provides habitat for other young forest dependent wildlife species such as: white-tailed deer, bobcat, ruffed grouse, woodcock, wild turkeys, and many other songbird species.

When? Saturday, September 10, 2016. 9:00-12:30 pm.

Where? We will spend the morning out in the field looking at an ongoing project designed to establish this critical habitat. We will meet at R Ranch, 162 Beaver Run Lane, Lake Ariel, PA 18436.

Cost? $15/non-members, $10/members. Lunch included.

Registration is a must. Register online here or call Sarah at (570) 265-7753.

This course counts for 4 hours (1 year) of PA SFI C.E. Credits.

View the Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Workshop Brochure.

Northeast PA Audubon Society Awards College Scholarship

Northeast PA Audubon Society Awards College Scholarship

From left to right: NEPAS President Sarah Hall-Bagdonas, scholarship winner Rachel Serfilippi, Scholarship Committee Co-chair Christine Weigand.

Each year the Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society (NEPAS) presents a $4000 scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to pursue a career in an environmental field.

Rachel Serfilippi is this year’s scholarship winner. Daughter of Steven and Laurie Serfilippi of Ararat, Rachel is a 2016 graduate of Susquehanna Community High School in Susquehanna, PA and will be attending Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks. She plans to build a customized bachelor’s degree which will include ecology, botany, habitat restoration, wildlife, conservation and surveying (GIS).

The Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society is proud to support the youth of our area through college and camp scholarships. The funding for these scholarships is generated from the Art and Craft Festival held each July in Hawley, PA. This year’s festival will be July 16 and 17 at Wallenpaupack Area High School. For more information visit

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