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Pike-Wayne Earth Day Festival 2014

Hands-on activities, games and events for all ages. Bring your whole family! Sat., April 19th at the PPL Environmental Learning Center in Hawley. More »


Pike-Wayne Earth Day Festival

Wayne-Pike Earth Day Festival 2014

The Pike-Wayne Earth Day Festival is going to be even more fun for the whole family this year! Join PPL, Northeast PA Audubon, and other local conservation groups at the Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center from 10-3 on April 26 to celebrate Earth Day! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the organizations in your own backyard and how you can get involved. The event is free and open to the public.

For the first time ever the festival is teaming up with the Downtown Hawley Partnership and AM Skier to offer hands-on activities, games and events for all ages as part of the new Hawley Earth Fest. Some activities are also being extended to Bingham Park in Downtown Hawley and the Hawley Library. A small “species parade” with children wearing animal costumes will take place in the morning at the park and the winners will be announced at noontime at the PPL Earth Day event. Costume-making activities will be held in advance at the library.

That evening, events will continue with the Delaware Highlands Conservancy dinner at The Settler’s Inn and there will be a special Hawley Earth Fest concert featuring Jean Rohe and Maeve Gilchrist at Harmony Presents at the Hawley Silk Mill.

For more information, visit the Pike-Wayne Earth Day Festival website or contact PPL at 570-253-7001. Visit the Hawley Earth Fest website to learn more about the first of what will become an annual event.

Bird Tune-Up

Eastern Kingbird. Copyright Chris Fischer.Spring migration is underway! Start tuning up your eyes and ears for the breeding season with the help of Audubon experts at this free indoor program for all ages and skill levels at the Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center in Moscow, PA on Sat., April 12 at 2pm.

Spring is the time to get out and connect with nature! As our summer migrants begin to return to their breeding grounds, it really helps if we can identify them not only by sight but also by sound. Spring is the best time of year to observe many birds and watch them singing because the foliage on the trees and shrubs has not reached full maturity. Once everything has leafed out, finding birds becomes much more difficult! It is at this point your efforts at learning to recognize birdsong pays off. The ability to identify birdsong is a key skill many birdwatchers rely on as it makes the sport of “birding” both more challenging and more rewarding.

We will present a program on bird identification, focusing on birds that can be found locally, using slides and sounds to describe the various forms of birdsong. We will share all about how birds form their songs and calls. We will also discuss the use of mobile birdsong “apps” in the field.

This program is for all ages and skill levels.

Our presenters are veteran birders who have contributed many hours and sightings to the recently published Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania.

When? Sat., April 12 at 2pm
Where? Lackawanna College Environmental Education Center in Moscow, PA at 93 MacKenzie Rd., Covington Township.

Special Offer: 25% OFF – Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania

Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania

Penn State University Press has graciously offered a new discount for the recently-published Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania. Audubon chapters and bird clubs helped create the Second Atlas with your observations and financial support, and we are eager to make it as available as possible.

The resulting book is beautiful, full of color photos of each species of nesting bird, multiple maps, and habitats. It’s a real treasure trove of information about Pennsylvania’s nesting birds; a must-have in the library of anyone interested in birds.

Click here for a more detailed description of the book (PDF)

Through this summer, the Second Atlas is now available for 25% off the already subsidized price.

To get this special offer, go to the page for Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania on the Penn State University Press website, select “add to cart”, then “proceed to checkout” and check the box “I have a discount code” and enter: AUD14

I hope you enjoy the book and learn much, pouring over its pages. Thank you for your continued support of bird conservation.

- Dan Brauning
Co-editor, with Bob Mulvihill and Andy Wilson