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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Art & Craft Fair Photos

This year’s Art & Craft Festival was a great success, with over 2,500 people attending over 2 days! Here are a few photos from the fair; more can be found on our Facebook page.

Parakeets in Pennsylvania?

Monk Parakeets

They have been flying free for centuries in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. And now you can spot them in northeastern Pennsylvania? They’re green, gawking, and gregarious. They didn’t build their nest in a forest or swamp, but across the street from my own elementary school on a telephone pole. I’m talking about Monk Parakeets, of course!

Monk Parakeets are an introduced species to the United States (brought first to the US around 1960), which means they are not a naturally occurring species in our country. These birds have historically nested for past decades in New York City and Edgewater, New Jersey. Considered a ‘pest bird’ by some because of there loud calls, these birds create structurally magnificent nests most frequently atop transformers attached to telephone poles. Nests are sometimes removed by the companies associated with the electrical equipment for safety and security precautions.

Who knows how long the Monk Parakeets will stay in Wilkes-Barre? It would be great to see their shimmering green feathers light up the city for years to come. I think it is really cool to say that parakeets nest by my house. Whenever I tell someone this, even if they are not a birder, they are intrigued and show an interest in trying to see the birds. So far I have only noticed two birds at the nest site, but I have a feeling we will be seeing baby birds very soon. If you would like to visit the Monk Parakeets, they are located on Old River Road (right between an elementary school and a football field).

— Christopher James Bohinski

Outdoor Film Screening – A Sense of Wonder, July 14

The Grey Towers Heritage Association, the Gifford Pinchot Audubon Society and the US Forest Service are teaming up to present an outdoor screening of A Sense of Wonder at Grey Towers National Historic Site, Milford, PA on Saturday, July 14 at 8:00 PM.

Sense of Wonder portrays Rachel Carson’s love for the natural world and her fight to defend it. Perhaps best known for her groundbreaking book, Silent Spring, Carson has been called the patron saint of the modern environmental movement. A quiet biologist who shook the world with her revelations about America’s use of pesticides in the years following World War II, Carson has been named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Of her book Silent Spring, Al Gore wrote, “Without this book, the environmental movement might have been long delayed or never developed at all.” GTHA Board Member Leila Pinchot will introduce the film, drawing a connection between Carson’s work and the conservation work of the Pinchots, and will help lead a discussion following the film.

The film will be shown rain or shine. Bring lawn chairs or blankets. Picnics are encouraged. For more information please call (570) 296-9630 or send an email to Co-sponsored by GTHA, USDA Forest Service and Orange and Rockland Utilities.

View Film Series Press Release (PDF).

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