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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Join in the Annual Pennsylvania Migration Count


The 2015 Pennsylvania Migration Count will be held on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

The Pennsylvania Migration Count (PAMC) was established to gather annual data on migratory bird populations, and to help answer some fundamental questions regarding their distribution throughout Pennsylvania. PAMC is an annual one-day snapshot of bird populations within our state attempting to answer which species are present, where are they and how many there are? Detecting the changes in population will help give us an early warning of possible declines and it is hoped that steps can be taken toward assisting their future survival. In many ways, the PAMC is similar to the Christmas Bird Count (CBC), with the exception that it is county-based.

Results from the count are compiled across the state and published in Pennsylvania Birds, our state ornithological journal.

Can you join us in covering Wayne County?

It’s a great way to spend International Migratory Bird Day! Birders of all skill levels can help out with the count. Beginning at midnight with the songs of the Whip-poor-wills (if we’re lucky!) and the hooting of the Great Horned Owls, the PAMC is a great way to spend time outside. Whether you tally birds in your backyard, at your feeders, the local little league ballfield, along the river, on a lake, at your camp or spend time hiking through a state park, your observations count. While observations can be made over a 24-hour period, it’s up to you to decide how much time you will contribute.

More information about the PAMC can be found on our Citizen Science page. If you are interested in participating, please contact Chris Fischer at

Do Ducks Need Suitcases?

Duck with  Suitcases

This question will be explored at the Wayne County Public Library in Honesdale on Saturday, April 11th from 12:30 to 2:00pm.

The other creatures with whom we share this planet do some remarkable things, and most do it with little negative impact on their environment. The program will include stories about some of these creatures, as well as how humans can make life easier for them. A short and easy craft activity will close out the program.

This free, family-oriented program program will be presented by Katharine Dodge of the Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society.

Families are encouraged to attend. Children under the age of eight should be accompanied by an adult. To reserve a spot, call the library at 570-253-1220.

Hawley EarthFest 2015, April 24-26

Hawley EarthFest 2015

Interested in exhibiting? Download Exhibitors form.

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