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Goshawk Sightings Sought

Northern Goshawk, photo by David Brinker.

Northern Goshawk, photo by David Brinker.

Northern Goshawk is a rare, difficult to study forest raptor that seems to be declining in population and breeding range. It is one of the rarest nesting raptors in the state and a notably elusive and secretive species. It is a flagship species of the big woods and the wildest parts of the state, sometimes called the “ultimate forest raptor” due to its size, wildness, and fierceness. It currently is considered “Near Threatened” in Pennsylvania.

Reports of Goshawk sightings in the state are being sought on behalf of the Pennsylvania Goshawk Project, which is run by a subcommittee of the Ornithological Technical Committee (OTC) of the Pennsylvania Biological Survey (PABS). The PA Game Commission (PGC) is cooperating with this project and protecting goshawk nests on its properties.

Any assistance with finding goshawk territories and nests helps with our research and conservation efforts to protect this magnificent raptor.

Goshawk reports can be e-mailed to Any goshawk observations during the breeding season, from late March to June, on game lands should be sent to Reports to either the Pennsylvania Goshawk Project or the Game Commission will be treated as confidential.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Goshawk Project, visit There you can find images and audio to aid identification as well as forms, instructions, and contact information.

See also an extensive news story on PA eBird: Northern Goshawk: Reports Needed for “the Ultimate Forest Raptor”

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