Endangered Species Act Under Attack

Your Actions are needed today!

Over the past several months, our new congress has been conspiring to dismantle many of this country’s greatest environmental and conservation legislation. Much of the Endangered Species Act in under attack and since January, over 30 bills and amendments have been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate that would dismantle the Act, including eight extreme bills in the Senate that received a hearing last week.

S. 855, sponsored by Senator Rand Paul, which would remove at least half of all species from the ESA by eliminating protections for species that exist in only one state, which applies to birds like the Golden-cheeked Warbler, and would automatically delist all species after five years. 
Science-based decision making is at the heart of the ESA. Legislation such as S. 736 could require the use of potentially inferior science, while S. 112 would inject more burdensome and unnecessary economic analyses into the process.

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act are under attack in a House bill introduced by Congressman Duncan (R-SC). HR 493 would:

  • Require 30-year eagle take permits to be automatically issued one year after a permit application is submitted under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Audubon strongly opposes the 30-year permit for Bald and Golden Eagles and this bill would worsen an already flawed approach.
  • If HR 493 is enacted, bird “death traps” like unshielded power lines, waste oil pits and other modern hazards would no longer fall under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. These bird death traps can otherwise be avoided with low-cost mitigation measures like nets covering waste pits and bird scaring devices on power lines. But HR 493 ignores common sense, low cost, win-win solutions like these and mandates that the law not help these birds at all.
  • Audubon strongly opposes HR 493. At a time when bird populations are facing an increasing array of threats from industrial development, now is not the time to undermine our core bird conservation laws. These laws have been instrumental in protecting bird species and bringing our national symbol, the Bald Eagle, back from the brink of extinction.

Send an email to your members of Congress and register your opposition to this bill.

Thank you for doing the right thing!

– Barbara Leo, Conservation Chair

News Press Releases

Local Student Raises $475 for NEPA Audubon

Young girl looking at the art available at the silent auction. Photo by Chris Fischer.
Young girl looking at the art available at the silent auction. Photo by Chris Fischer.

Eleven-year-old Avery Kimble raised $475.00 for the Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society through an endangered species silent art auction that she coordinated as part of a combined program of homeschool and public school students earlier this year. A fifth grade student attending a home school co-op at The Stoneworks Learning Center in Honesdale, Avery organized the auction in response to a challenge issued to her by Dr. Rebecca Ballentine, MS Ed., MD, to identify and address an area of concern in her local community.

“I wanted to research endangered animals, but wondered if they were really something I could consider a local concern,” says Avery. “While researching, I became aware of HB-1576, better known as The Endangered Species Coordination Act, which threatens to remove wildlife expert’s authority to decide which species are protected and hand that authority to the Independent Regulatory Review Commission,” she continues. “Did you know the rare Northern Flying Squirrel is an endangered species in PA whose habitat includes Wayne County? I didn’t,” said Avery during her presentation on May 27th at the Cooperage on Main St. in Honesdale.

Avery also took the opportunity to present her thoughts on supporting environmental causes on a biblical basis. “My thoughts about endangered species stem from my thoughts about the God who made them,” said Avery. “God gave us dominion over the earth and instructed us to care for it. He cares about the environment and holds us accountable for its sustained management.”

Avery is the daughter of Ed and Nancy Kimble of Honesdale. Thank you, Avery!

Events News

Endangered Species Artwork Sought for Silent Auction to Benefit Audubon

Avery Kimble
Avery Kimble, a local student raising funds to support Northeast PA Audubon

We were recently contacted by Avery Kimble, a fifth grade student who is currently attending a home school co-op at The Stoneworks Learning Center in Honesdale. Avery wrote:

I am planning to raise funds for your society through a silent art auction to be held at The Cooperage in Honesdale on May 27, 2014. [time TBA]

The after school / home school group decided to identify some problems in our community and try to think of a solution to them. Our idea was to educate people so we could all make a difference together. We hope we can accomplish this with a public program to be held on the evening of May 27, 2014.

My topic (or problem) is endangered animals. I thought to support those who are trying to make a difference, I could ask people to make any type of endangered species artwork for a silent auction to be held at the program. So I would like to invite you to make art of any endangered animal and donate it to my auction.

If you are not willing to donate your art, but are willing to bring it to be displayed on May 27, that would be great too.

All money from the auction will be donated to the NEPA Audubon Society.

Common Tern in Flight. The Common Tern is a endangered species in Pennsylvania. Photo by Chris Fischer.
The Common Tern is endangered in Pennsylvania.
Photo by Chris Fischer.

Avery tells us that she chose Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon because of our focus on education and our active website, which she found via one of our updates on HB-1576, state legislation that poses a great threat to endangered and threatened species in Pennsylvania. (Incidentally, it appears a vote on this bill will be held the 1st week of May. Stay tuned.)

Donations of artwork depicting any type of endangered or threatened species are greatly appreciated! Please call Avery at (570) 251-8546 to arrange for your artwork to be picked up.

Please join us at The Cooperage on May 27th (time TBA) for the silent auction and help support this local youth-driven volunteer project for the benefit of environmental education and advocacy in Northeastern PA.


This post was updated with additional details on April 26, 2014.