Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon is Dissolving

After careful thought and many months of discussion, the Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society, a chapter of the National Audubon Society, has decided to discontinue as an organization. This decision was not made lightly after being in service for 52 years. Most of our board members have been aging out of service and we have not been successful recruiting enough members to assume an active role on the board of directors or serve as part of any committee.

We are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication to all who helped make this organization succeed in its mission to “conserve and restore our environment to benefit humanity, birds, and other wildlife, through education, action, and advocacy” thereby making our world a better place for all living creatures.

While we are closing as a chapter, we will honor all obligations toward our college and summer camp scholarship winners. Our current members will remain as members of the National Audubon Society which will assign them to the next nearest chapter.

The good news is that Lacawac Sanctuary, a sister conservation and environmental nonprofit organization, has been chosen by Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon to become the custodians of our two sanctuaries: the Browning Beaver Meadow Sanctuary and the Price Simpson Wetlands. Like Audubon, Lacawac strongly believes in protecting and restoring our natural world for the benefit of both humanity and all wildlife including birds. Their mission is one of research, education, and preservation. To fulfill their mission, Lacawac offers opportunities to conduct environmental research and participate in environmental education programs. They have been at the forefront of global scientific research on water quality and climate change for over 50 years having been founded in 1966 by Arthur Watres and his mother. It is our organization’s hope that members may consider supporting, through volunteer opportunities and financial contributions, Lacawac Sanctuary for the upkeep of the sanctuaries and the provision of educational programs, K-12 field trips, and guided hikes. If you would like to connect with Lacawac Sanctuary, please contact Craig Lukatch, President at or visit their website at

Our post office box and phone will be disconnected in the near future. If you need assistance, please email It will be monitored through the end of 2023.

Many people contact us about how to help wildlife in trouble. As we will no longer be able to provide guidance, we urge people to search for the nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitator by visiting or, if you have not yet rescued or touched the creature in question, try "Wildlife in Need"”" at or call them at 814-414-4224.

We thank our community for helping make the Northeast PA Audubon Society the great success it was, and thanks to our sister organization, Lacawac Sanctuary, for being the new steward of our sanctuaries.


The NEPAS Board of Directors